Umm.. thanks Day 3...

Well played, day 3. You could’ve warned me! Oh wait. You did...  



For the record, I’ve never actually shit my pants before, and today wasn’t going to be the day. 

It was a tough Whole Foods experience, but alas i made it home unscathed.  

So for those who are reading this for entertainment, you’re welcome. For those wondering if they should do the whole 30-this is your courtesy heads up 😉.


Day 3: AM


I slept through the night for the first time in a few months. My dreams all had to do with fighting peer pressure- luckily i succeeded in my dreams and got up to unpack the 7a amazon fresh delivery.  Made scrambled eggs with uncured whole30 approved bacon and turkey bacon and made really salty hash browns (50/50 sweet potato/regular potato)- so i cooled those down and will incorporate them into tomorrow’s frittata (it will season the whole dish).  

Lesson of the morning: don’t season your food in the dark because you haven’t had coffee. It’s no excuse. 

It’s hard for me to finish my meal- because i think I’m full but I know two hours later I’ll be starving so I’m trying to finish a full plate... you really shouldn’t snack at all on this ride. Eat three meals a day with a pre/Post Workout snack. The book says if you are hungry though for god sake eat.


Roadblock #1: I need to bake and decorate a cake today. 

Plan of attack: I prepared for this- so i have buttercream already made so all i have to do is follow my cake recipe and decorate. No tasting needed (unless i mix up salt and sugar and in that case shoot me already). 


Day 2: PM


I’m not as lethargic as I thought I’d be. In the book, Whole 30: day by day it says day 2 is the hangover effect. Maybe it was a good thing i had the real deal on day one- made day two feel better... 



Dinner: Thai Coconut Curry with Grass Fed Beef, Peppers, Onions, Ginger, Lime, Coconut Milk and Potato  


Good news for you reading this (and don’t want to cook yourself) 

click the whole 30 meal calendar and you too can eat the food I’m making. Might as well since I’m doing it for myself!

The Daily Burn


First workout complete- did the True Beginner Episode 1. Got real fancy and put my tv on the floor of my bedroom. I figure this is a marathon not a race. Start slow and keep going.

Post Workout Snack: 


Pumpkin Apple Banana Bites made with coconut and almond flour, unsweetened applesauce, a ripe banana, canned organic pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger and unsweetened blueberry powder.

They taste like the filling of pumpkin pie was mixed with a little pie crust.  It’s satisfying!


Started reading the whole 30: Day by Day. Need to catch up to day two then the plan is to read each day first thing in the morning before I start my day.  

Day 2: AM


Woke up not hungover! Felt surprisingly good this morning. Made a ranch seasoned turkey sausage patty with a chipotle seasoned egg salad. Cauliflower and Spinach was food processed and put in the patty (added some moisture).  would be nice with a fresh herb salad on top but i’m fresh out.  Next time :)



My go to ranch seasoning: a little bit of everything in first row.




Time to burn some calories!  

Dear Liver


Dear Liver,

You've really managed to be the star of every social gathering.  I appreciate all the hard work you've put've been such a champ!  Before the check engine light comes on I'm giving you a surprise 30 day vacation where there will be no alcohol whatsoever...I mean it... Not even vodka.  Don't worry, you and Tito's can catch up over Super Bowl.  

You have a few travel mates: Stomach and Brain (They've been waiting very patiently for a sugar, grain, dairy, bean and soy-free challenge.) Get to know them as they will become your new BFF's and you will finally get the date of your dreams with Heart. 

See ya in February.  I'll miss you.