Day 4


Yesterday was a struggle. (So much that I waited until right now to write this post)


I woke up just fine, slept through the night... I almost forgot what it was like to go to bed and not wake up a couple hours later and struggle falling back asleep! Had my black coffee, made scrambled eggs with hash browns (2/3 sweet potato 1/3 Yukon gold) and prepped the two cakes I had to make and decorate.  Reflex is to taste the icing, but mind over matter prevailed and I trusted my recipe/made my brother taste test (which he was happy to).   Between making the cakes and making lunch by the time dinner came around I was exhausted. For lunch  I prepared chicken salad (stuffed inside cucumbers and tomatoes for my dad, and as a side salad with broccoli and greens for me). I had my fat goggles on and naturally put a lot in my bowl and  *shocker* I ended up only eating half, then eating the other half at dinner with half a grass fed beef burger.  According to my plan, I was supposed to be making Chipotle Turkey Meatballs.  I laughed and said fuck it (and grabbed ground beef).  Another day for those meatballs...

I decorated my second cake until 11pm and got ready for bed.  I actually washed my face, moisturized and put on eye cream! (FORTH CONSECUTIVE NIGHT-that’s never happened.) 

As I plopped in bed this thought crossed my mind: Did I workout today????  NOPE. 

Forgive me Daily Burn for I have sinned.