You’re doing this again??

That’s right, I’ve committed to ANOTHER whole30 this month! Might as well keep my liver in check especially with how much brown booze I had over the holidays.

One year later with moderate exercise (love Pilates and walks with the dog) I’m down 90 lbs! The rest of the weight will come off no doubt, and I’m not rushing it, because it feels right!

Here’s what I’ve learned so far…

Dairy and Grains made my psoriasis flare up like a mo fo. My legs are almost ALL CLEAR today due to the lack of dairy and grains.

Sugar is a beast. She’ll rear her ugly head whenever you veer off course and sneak a cupcake in. Less sugar, less headaches. Less foggy brain.

Side by side January 2, 2018 vs January 1, 2019 :)