F*#K OFF day 6

I had a nice 3 hours in the morning but then i got bitch slapped by sensitivity AND irritability at once.  It was like being on your period x100.


You know what got me through yesterday? 

Fruit. I think the “sugar dragon” poked at me a few times throughout the day and i finally gave in and had some fruit/leftover grilled chicken as a snack.  That made me feel a little more emotionally stable as I mentally prepared to cook dinner. 

So here I am... on Day 6 and I’m pissed off at everything- including dishes. This whole 30 meal prep has me doing dishes like I was catering a party for 30!  So being the angry person I was yesterday I refused to use real dishes and served lunch and dinner on Dixie’s finest. 

Breakfast was leftover frittata and a pumpkin bite. 

lunch was grilled chicken breast over broccoli with some lemon and olive oil.  And a couple pumpkin bites.

Dinner was a nicely seasoned grassfed hamburger patty over balsamic baby spinach. That was the highlight of my day as I felt a little more positive.

Climbed into bed at 9.  Fell asleep instantly.