First Night Out

30 whole days without drinking. That in itself is a daunting challenge when you can’t remember if there’s been a time in the last decade where you've laid off the sauce for over a week (Guilty as charged) Let alone finding a restaurant that has dairy free, no hidden sugar and grain free.  Last night we went to Praire Grass Cafe in Northbrook.  Don’t feel bad about asking questions and modifying a plate. It helps if you look at the menu beforehand and come prepared! Finding a few options was pretty easy to do; being a chef it helps knowing where sugar and butter hide- did you realize there is sugar in brine? 

Here’s the good news: I’m okay without vodka! I like waking up without a headache and the Sahara desert of a mouth.  I had a wonderful meal at Praire Grass with wonderful friends. (Ordered the boneless half chicken with spinach and broccoli.)

The tricky part comes with hanging out after hours: meshing into the same scene without making a scene. I’d rather not be annoying about not eating certain things and not drinking alcohol. It might cause a big deal with the friends you usually go shot for shot with, but if their your friend, they will support you because you’re trying to make a positive change for your own good. They just don’t think about that when they are half in the bag! Stick up for yourself. You’re not doing this mental and physical war for anyone else BUT you. Stay strong. Bring on day 6.