Day 5

The best part of waking up, is **insert your favorite coffee here** in your cup! Prior to day one, I took my coffee with cream and Splenda to coverup any bitterness.  

Actual quote from The Whole 30: Day by Day: 


How could I argue with that?!  I added a cup more water to my already scooped and measured  go-to 4 cup mark to make it a tad weaker and the brutal truth is:  It was just fine.  

Not great, not that good, but fine.  Doable. 

Welcome to day 5.  



So It’s 2:30p right now, and I’m just getting hungry for lunch.  I made a pork and bell pepper frittata for breakfast (paired with tangerines and grapes).  I ate half my plate and went on to do the finishing touches to the cake that was due by noon.  So it’s safe to say I’m having leftover tuna salad for lunch.  I’ll just pair it with spinach and broccoli (my go to).  

**update** I was too lazy to even grab spinach and broccoli so I ate another piece of frittata with a pumpkin bite.   I was over lunch before I even had it. 

Tonight is my first night dining out.  Time to research.... 

Actually, it’s time to work out.  (I really need to start changing my attitude when it comes to scheduled workouts).