Day 3: AM


I slept through the night for the first time in a few months. My dreams all had to do with fighting peer pressure- luckily i succeeded in my dreams and got up to unpack the 7a amazon fresh delivery.  Made scrambled eggs with uncured whole30 approved bacon and turkey bacon and made really salty hash browns (50/50 sweet potato/regular potato)- so i cooled those down and will incorporate them into tomorrow’s frittata (it will season the whole dish).  

Lesson of the morning: don’t season your food in the dark because you haven’t had coffee. It’s no excuse. 

It’s hard for me to finish my meal- because i think I’m full but I know two hours later I’ll be starving so I’m trying to finish a full plate... you really shouldn’t snack at all on this ride. Eat three meals a day with a pre/Post Workout snack. The book says if you are hungry though for god sake eat.


Roadblock #1: I need to bake and decorate a cake today. 

Plan of attack: I prepared for this- so i have buttercream already made so all i have to do is follow my cake recipe and decorate. No tasting needed (unless i mix up salt and sugar and in that case shoot me already).