Auto Pilot

I know what foods make me terrible. I generally stay away from them until I really f**king want something, and usually it’s a hometown fave like lou’s, a Loretta from sarkis or homemade pasta.  Maybe it’s the 1-2 cupcakes I have a month because I feel like it... it doesn’t bother me because I know for the most part, I’m eating the foods my body responds well with.  

Check out the latest measurements. It’s like I lost a small grandma. #100lbclub  


Total since 1/2/18: 102 lbs (and counting) 


You’re doing this again??

That’s right, I’ve committed to ANOTHER whole30 this month! Might as well keep my liver in check especially with how much brown booze I had over the holidays.

One year later with moderate exercise (love Pilates and walks with the dog) I’m down 90 lbs! The rest of the weight will come off no doubt, and I’m not rushing it, because it feels right!

Here’s what I’ve learned so far…

Dairy and Grains made my psoriasis flare up like a mo fo. My legs are almost ALL CLEAR today due to the lack of dairy and grains.

Sugar is a beast. She’ll rear her ugly head whenever you veer off course and sneak a cupcake in. Less sugar, less headaches. Less foggy brain.

Side by side January 2, 2018 vs January 1, 2019 :)


9 month check in (no I’m not preggo) 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’ve been eating sugar, dairy and grain free now for 9 months and I really haven’t worked out.

I hate working out. Messes with my hair washing schedule. So I take Cubbie, my 10 year old Golden Retriever for walks.  I just tried pilates and am drinking that kool-aid!

Down 75 pounds! Jean Size in January: 24W 

Current Jean Size:  14


I can stick with this 😉 


Day 13-17

Yes I know- I’m a LITTLE behind.  I DID NOT CHEAT. 

I fucking conquered the last five days. The only cravings i have now is for fruit. 

The only issue i really had was because of my lack of sleep- whole30 and little sleep do NOT mix!

Best dishes of the week:

Pan Seared Flank Steak with Broccoli and Yukon Potatoes topped with a little 🥗 



 Apple Cider Pork Tenderloin with Rutabagas and Brussels Sprouts  

Turkey Kale Bolognese with Spaghetti Squash


Day 11 and 12

I’ve been feeling great these past few days- so much I’ve been out and about, dining out (ordering is getting easier) and spending time with friends!  I also have a new found love for black coffee after dinner (or anytime actually).


Started on a very personal project... 

My own timeline with year, grade, significant moments that have affected me negatively and how active, how drunk, how high I was and if I was at my heaviest, thinnest or normal for me at the time. 

It turns out I’m very predictable.  

When i don’t feel good, i take it out on me.

No more.

I need a plan for a future derailment... 

Instead of hiding out and eating while not being active.. maybe I’ll start a hobby.


Day 10


Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.


I came across that quote a couple days ago and it is sticking. I’m totally not an inspirational quote gal but something about that really clicked (see my post about the dive bar vs W hotel). 

I wasn’t hungry all day. Made myself eat a butternut squash + apple breakfast bite, then made it until 2 and had a couple turkey and rutabaga meatballs- which kept me going until 6- thank god my friend had some raw almonds on hand because that got me through until dinner at 8-reheated the naked egg roll bowl and a couple ribs, and some grapes- I seriously wanted to eat ALL things.

Got through the day and felt good about it. I even worked out 💪🏼!

Day 8


Day 8 was not too shabby! Slept great, ate some leftover quiche, made Naked Egg Roll Bowls (see ingredients in my whole30 calendar), worked out and had leftover turkey rutabaga meatballs and salad for dinner! All and all Day 8 was a win. Nothing to bitch about, no milestones... it came and went. 



Naked Egg Roll Bowl with shrimp, ground pork, Napa cabbage, carrot, pineapple, Serrano, red wine vinegar,  ginger, onion, garlic and coconut aminos

One week ✅


Day 7 took it easy on me. Despite feeling lethargic I managed to make whole30 compliant bacon and veggie frittatas for breakfast.  I blinked without a craving and it was 2pm so I had a late lunch of leftover tuna and veggies. Something happened. 

The day 3 irritable bowels struck again....

Not as bad but definitely not a great time spent.

Now, since I’ve been consistently blogging/keeping my food diary and mood on post it notes on my wall- I can now see there’s a repeat of food with the repeat of I’ll feeling.  Tuna?! (with pickles, celery, spinach, lemon, whole30 approved mayo)

Could that be my first food to stay away from to prevent impromptu sprints to the bathroom?  I think I’ll wait a week and eat tuna in a differerent application to confirm and rule out. 


Dinner was an all-in-one.  Sometimes I feel the urge to introduce new vegetables to the table (but usually get a 🤢  reaction). So for picky eaters i take raw veggies and put them in the food processor to act as a binder in meatballs. Last night was a mixture of ground turkey and ground pork, spinach, rutabaga, turnip, unsweetened applesauce, brown mustard, sage and thyme. Baked them and then finished in the broiler to add some color. They were good! (Add some hot sauce  for a buffalo version) paired it with a handful of strawberries and called it a day.



F*#K OFF day 6

I had a nice 3 hours in the morning but then i got bitch slapped by sensitivity AND irritability at once.  It was like being on your period x100.


You know what got me through yesterday? 

Fruit. I think the “sugar dragon” poked at me a few times throughout the day and i finally gave in and had some fruit/leftover grilled chicken as a snack.  That made me feel a little more emotionally stable as I mentally prepared to cook dinner. 

So here I am... on Day 6 and I’m pissed off at everything- including dishes. This whole 30 meal prep has me doing dishes like I was catering a party for 30!  So being the angry person I was yesterday I refused to use real dishes and served lunch and dinner on Dixie’s finest. 

Breakfast was leftover frittata and a pumpkin bite. 

lunch was grilled chicken breast over broccoli with some lemon and olive oil.  And a couple pumpkin bites.

Dinner was a nicely seasoned grassfed hamburger patty over balsamic baby spinach. That was the highlight of my day as I felt a little more positive.

Climbed into bed at 9.  Fell asleep instantly.


First Night Out

30 whole days without drinking. That in itself is a daunting challenge when you can’t remember if there’s been a time in the last decade where you've laid off the sauce for over a week (Guilty as charged) Let alone finding a restaurant that has dairy free, no hidden sugar and grain free.  Last night we went to Praire Grass Cafe in Northbrook.  Don’t feel bad about asking questions and modifying a plate. It helps if you look at the menu beforehand and come prepared! Finding a few options was pretty easy to do; being a chef it helps knowing where sugar and butter hide- did you realize there is sugar in brine? 

Here’s the good news: I’m okay without vodka! I like waking up without a headache and the Sahara desert of a mouth.  I had a wonderful meal at Praire Grass with wonderful friends. (Ordered the boneless half chicken with spinach and broccoli.)

The tricky part comes with hanging out after hours: meshing into the same scene without making a scene. I’d rather not be annoying about not eating certain things and not drinking alcohol. It might cause a big deal with the friends you usually go shot for shot with, but if their your friend, they will support you because you’re trying to make a positive change for your own good. They just don’t think about that when they are half in the bag! Stick up for yourself. You’re not doing this mental and physical war for anyone else BUT you. Stay strong. Bring on day 6. 




Day 5

The best part of waking up, is **insert your favorite coffee here** in your cup! Prior to day one, I took my coffee with cream and Splenda to coverup any bitterness.  

Actual quote from The Whole 30: Day by Day: 


How could I argue with that?!  I added a cup more water to my already scooped and measured  go-to 4 cup mark to make it a tad weaker and the brutal truth is:  It was just fine.  

Not great, not that good, but fine.  Doable. 

Welcome to day 5.  



So It’s 2:30p right now, and I’m just getting hungry for lunch.  I made a pork and bell pepper frittata for breakfast (paired with tangerines and grapes).  I ate half my plate and went on to do the finishing touches to the cake that was due by noon.  So it’s safe to say I’m having leftover tuna salad for lunch.  I’ll just pair it with spinach and broccoli (my go to).  

**update** I was too lazy to even grab spinach and broccoli so I ate another piece of frittata with a pumpkin bite.   I was over lunch before I even had it. 

Tonight is my first night dining out.  Time to research.... 

Actually, it’s time to work out.  (I really need to start changing my attitude when it comes to scheduled workouts).  



Day 4


Yesterday was a struggle. (So much that I waited until right now to write this post)


I woke up just fine, slept through the night... I almost forgot what it was like to go to bed and not wake up a couple hours later and struggle falling back asleep! Had my black coffee, made scrambled eggs with hash browns (2/3 sweet potato 1/3 Yukon gold) and prepped the two cakes I had to make and decorate.  Reflex is to taste the icing, but mind over matter prevailed and I trusted my recipe/made my brother taste test (which he was happy to).   Between making the cakes and making lunch by the time dinner came around I was exhausted. For lunch  I prepared chicken salad (stuffed inside cucumbers and tomatoes for my dad, and as a side salad with broccoli and greens for me). I had my fat goggles on and naturally put a lot in my bowl and  *shocker* I ended up only eating half, then eating the other half at dinner with half a grass fed beef burger.  According to my plan, I was supposed to be making Chipotle Turkey Meatballs.  I laughed and said fuck it (and grabbed ground beef).  Another day for those meatballs...

I decorated my second cake until 11pm and got ready for bed.  I actually washed my face, moisturized and put on eye cream! (FORTH CONSECUTIVE NIGHT-that’s never happened.) 

As I plopped in bed this thought crossed my mind: Did I workout today????  NOPE. 

Forgive me Daily Burn for I have sinned.   


Day 3: PM


Chicago Dog Inspired Bake with all typical toppings. Bottom layer is a mix of egg, almond flour and chicken broth.

Pair it with a nice balsamic salad and call it a day.

Experiencing high irritablity when doing anything that’s not sitting on my ass.  This too shall pass.


I got sidetracked by my messy cluttered desk and decided to clean for two hours. 


Motivation is up however I was exhausted after cooking and cleaning so... 

No workout today. Stay tuned for tomorrow. 

Dive Bar vs. The W Hotel

So here’s the thing I just realized... 

I’ve been treating my body like a dive bar for the last 17 years.  Dive bars don’t usually have food, and when they do... it’s crap.  Then you get home after and go to town on a medium dominos pizza 🤦🏻‍♀️ .  You wake up hungover and you know you haven’t washed last night’s makeup off.  Don’t get me wrong- everybody loves a good dive bar sometimes but it’s usually loud and usually smells.  It took way too long to realize this because I never blamed myself... Until now.


It’s time to start treating myself like the W Hotel. Good food around all the time with a nice Friday or Saturday night cocktails thrown in there. It also has a spa and a gym. Might as well utilize all the W’s amenities, am I right?



Umm.. thanks Day 3...

Well played, day 3. You could’ve warned me! Oh wait. You did...  



For the record, I’ve never actually shit my pants before, and today wasn’t going to be the day. 

It was a tough Whole Foods experience, but alas i made it home unscathed.  

So for those who are reading this for entertainment, you’re welcome. For those wondering if they should do the whole 30-this is your courtesy heads up 😉.


Day 3: AM


I slept through the night for the first time in a few months. My dreams all had to do with fighting peer pressure- luckily i succeeded in my dreams and got up to unpack the 7a amazon fresh delivery.  Made scrambled eggs with uncured whole30 approved bacon and turkey bacon and made really salty hash browns (50/50 sweet potato/regular potato)- so i cooled those down and will incorporate them into tomorrow’s frittata (it will season the whole dish).  

Lesson of the morning: don’t season your food in the dark because you haven’t had coffee. It’s no excuse. 

It’s hard for me to finish my meal- because i think I’m full but I know two hours later I’ll be starving so I’m trying to finish a full plate... you really shouldn’t snack at all on this ride. Eat three meals a day with a pre/Post Workout snack. The book says if you are hungry though for god sake eat.


Roadblock #1: I need to bake and decorate a cake today. 

Plan of attack: I prepared for this- so i have buttercream already made so all i have to do is follow my cake recipe and decorate. No tasting needed (unless i mix up salt and sugar and in that case shoot me already). 


Day 2: PM


I’m not as lethargic as I thought I’d be. In the book, Whole 30: day by day it says day 2 is the hangover effect. Maybe it was a good thing i had the real deal on day one- made day two feel better... 



Dinner: Thai Coconut Curry with Grass Fed Beef, Peppers, Onions, Ginger, Lime, Coconut Milk and Potato  


Good news for you reading this (and don’t want to cook yourself) 

click the whole 30 meal calendar and you too can eat the food I’m making. Might as well since I’m doing it for myself!

Recipe: Pumpkin Apple Post Workout Bites


They taste like pumpkin pie with a little pie crust thrown in there. 

Makes 36 bite size balls (4 filled me up) 


1 ripe banana

1 can organic pumpkin purée (15ish oz) 

1 cup unsweetened apple sauce  

1 cup almond flour

1/2 cup coconut flour  

1 TBSP unsweetened blueberry powder

dashes of cinnamon, ginger and clove  

sprinkle of sea salt on each one



In a blender combine first three ingredients until smooth. Add the rest and mix until it looks like it’s well blended.  With a small ice cream scoop, scoop batter into 2 tbsp portion balls and bake for 25 minutes at 325. I used a silicone baking sheet but parchment works just fine. 


note: i mixed in blueberry powder to half the batch for a two toned effect. You don’t need to do that.