Here’s the 411: I’m a libra, I like long walks on the beach and candlelit dinner for two... (oops, wrong site). Actually, I’m a chef. I spent two thirds of my life in the food industry. I worked my a** off in my twenties while having balls to take a customer’s suggestion to try out for Hell’s Kitchen in 2008. That ultimately became a year process and I was cast for season 7 of Hell’s Kitchen! That aired in 2010 and I lasted 4 episodes. Failing (aka not meeting my expectations) really gut punched my confidence so naturally it took a decade, a lot of hard work and losing 100 lbs to want to bring the thunder again, so I’m f**king doing this.

Here’s the thing... all I really want to do is help businesses boost their sales on the slowest day of the week by throwing a YUGE party (with a little help from all my closest friends-who happen to be life long industry vets looking for something to do on their day off). If we happen eat Second City Prime Steak and Seafood Wagyu short ribs + iberico Pork and drink delicious Dovetail Brewery beers and also feed the hungry and get some golden retrievers adopted in the process, then I say it’s a win. Who wants in? $120 for 4 courses, 4 craft beers, and 1 signature craft beer cocktail by Koval Distillery . Not soo shabby ey?

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