Meet Jamie Bisioulis

22 years in the restaurant + catering world

Trained in savory + pastry (I have a cake side business)

Hell’s Kitchen Survivor

Hates olives. (Will use olives if you make me).

Libra, likes candlelit dinners for two and long walks on the beach… (oops, wrong site).

Hey there potential clients! I wanted to give you a snap shot of my credentials— I’ve been cooking (and baking) for the last twenty-something years.  Growing up, my Mom is a natural in the kitchen, and I learned a lot from her at a young age.  Let’s fast forward a few years (those years were spent washing dishes, prepping food and then eventually cooking it) to college.  I actually wanted to become a potter or graphic designer so I enrolled at Western Michigan University and failed miserably second semester of Freshman year.  Maybe a career in graphic design wasn’t meant to be (you think I would go to those classes if I really was passionate but parties took priority).  That’s when I decided to merge my artistic ways with something I was already pretty good at—Cooking... so I switched majors and explored the world from a culinary, business and food science angle.  After school, I was able to land Sous chef + pastry positions at the ripe age of 22 and worked my way up to a corporate chef position by 32.  I spent that decade really exploring the culinary world from a catering and cafe point of view.  At 33, it was time for me to say goodbye to the corporate life and grab the bull by its horns and start my entrepreneurial path. I started a custom cake side business and started hustling as a private chef, cake decorator and consultant. Business picked up, and here I am. I thrive on doing a little bit of everything, because I love errrrry part of this biz. Sometimes new business angles emerge organically, like my paleo meal delivery service.

What’s with the paleo? First off, a paleo diet is one that’s without dairy, grains and refined sugar. For me (being overweight most my life) I decided to give the Whole30 a whirl last January. I’ll tell ya what- It rewired my brain and I learned that dairy made my stomach feel like garbage and grains made my psoriasis worse. Sugar withdrawals just brought the bi**h out of me, so it’s just best to avoid it all together. A year and a half later, I’m down 120+ lbs, the psoriasis is almost all clear and I feel great. It’s all a work in progress! I figured there must be others out there that want really good food but can’t afford the dairy, refined sugar and grains. Since I like to work smarter, not harder, it only made sense to create a meal prep business featuring the food I like to eat. People started taking notice on social media and wanted in. I’m up to 25 clients, and can handle more! There’s a blog on the top left if you’re really interested.

Oh, and fun fact:

In 2010, I had the opportunity to work with world renowned chef Gordon Ramsey on Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen (season 7).  I threw myself so far outside my comfort zone and met some great people and learned to really hone in on perfecting the culinary experience. Lemme tell ya… seeing yourself on TV is the weirdest f**king thing ever. I included a pic of me looking terrified below. Enjoy.